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A forum sharingexperiences and ideas on action learning in promoting the integration ofindustry with education was held at the East China University of Science andTechnology over the weekend.

The event, organized bythe university’s School of Business, attracted both online and offlineparticipants.

Action learning is aneducation approach featuring real problem solving. It involves taking actionand reflecting upon the results.

Wu Baijun, vicepresident of the university, said action learning is one of the most effectivelearning methods, and an important way for exploring new modes for integratingindustry and education.

"East ChinaUniversity of Science and Technology School of Business has been activelypromoting action learning," he said.

"We have launched alot of action-learning programs in cooperation with well-known enterprises andestablished an action-learning research center. In the future, we will continueto carry forward action learning programs to ensure knowledge acquired in classis transferred into application, and new knowledge created.”

Lei Xinghui, vicepresident of Tongji University, said: “Industry should establish moreconnections with education based on practises of management in China andrelated knowledge accumulated.”

Xu Xin, deputy dean ofEast China University of Science and Technology School of Business andsecretary general of the Shanghai MBA education advisory committee, said actionlearning is an open system that can perfectly integrate learning and action. Itcan absorb the latest findings in various areas and repeatedly modify therelation between knowledge and the action of learners.

"It’s a realprocess of learning via action and acting via learning," Xu said.

Xi Youmin, executivepresident of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, shared experiences of theuniversity’s "syntegrative education."

"In syntegrativeeducation, learning includes three aspects – learning, development andall-round growth,” he said. “It also includes five periods – integratedlearning, reflective recognition, exploratory integration, interest-drivenaccumulation and mind upgrading.”

Yasheng Huang,professor in international management at the MIT Sloan School of Management,said: “Action learning is valuable as it guides students to apply abstracttheories and knowledge to solve real problems.”

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