EDP Program

ECUST Executive Development Program (EDP) is a non-degree program mainly designed for senior management to update their knowledge. The program adopts a life-long business education model, attempting to introduce the latest research development in the industry to Chinese companies. Besides, the program also facilitates the networking and exchange of ideas between alumni in all walks of life. 

The life-long business education system incorporates training courses in general management, courses tailored to the specific needs of companies and world-class public courses. 

Training courses in general management present a spectacular “management feast”: with a high-caliber teaching staff as the foundation, the courses combine advanced western management philosophies and China’s practice, attempting to help senior managers develop theoretical and practical skills in corporate management. 

Courses tailored to the specific needs of companies deliver “customized package” to meet specific demands of companies. The courses stress the combination of theories and practice, and bring the method of action learning into the teaching scheme. To date, the program has delivered popular tailor-made courses to nearly 1000 leading companies including Yanfeng Visteon Electronics, BASF, Wanxin Optical, etc. 

World-class public courses aim at expanding students’ global perspective, introducing essential management philosophies from the West and ideas from world leading think tanks, and creating opportunities for companies to expand their business overseas. Popular courses include Brazil and Argentina business expansion courses, CIO-Israel innovation courses, manufacturing in Japan—an introduction course to the Panasonic model, etc.


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