As the second batch to develop EMBA programme in China approved by the Academic Degree Office of the State Council in 2009, East China University of Science and Technology has recruited the first intake in September of 2009 and thereafter, two intakes each year. As of September 2017, ECUST EMBA programme has been running for 8 years. A total of 14 intakes recruited, enrolling 577 EMBA students with 280 graduates. The average age of student is 39 years old and they have an average working experience of 18 years. Nearly 70% of the students come from manufacturing and production services sectors. Since 2017, the applicants to ECUST EMBA programme are required to participate in the national entrance examination to be qualified. The graduation certificate and degree certificate are awarded at graduation.

The mission of the ECUST EMBA programme is to develop executive managers with a high sense of social responsibility, an international perspective and local business management skills, and in particular, to train professional managers / technical leaders and business leaders in manufacturing and production services sectors.

The main features of ECUST EMBA program are as follows:

(1) Students are mainly from modern manufacturing industry and producer services industries;

(2) In the concept of "developing based on exchanges", it is committed to creating a platform for exchange of expertise, of management experience and of social network construction, so that they can get improved from knowledge acquisition to competency development, from academic qualifications to career development and from skills upgrading to concept innovation;

(3) To bridge business with technology. Relying on the University’s disciplinary strength and industrial influence in the field of energy and chemical engineering, and based on the needs from the students who mainly come from the modern manufacturing and production service industries, the program develops the characteristics through the setting of specific courses, case selection in the relevant industries and so on;

(4) To nurture managerial talents with advanced knowledge and practical ability. As the first business school in China to introduce action learning into EMBA teaching, it will continue to deepen the reform based on its own experience. Combining with practical and experiential teaching modes such as case teaching, mobile class and corporate class, it conducts a full-scale actual practical teaching mode. Students, based on discovering, analyzing and solving business problems, can promote their mastery and application of management theory, tools and methods;

(5) Internationalization. It adheres to the strategy of "bringing in and going global" simultaneously and makes efforts to realize the internationalization of teaching content, faculty, and students’ global perspective.

In September 2009, School of Business started to prepare for the AMBA accreditation. In November 2011, the expert panel organized by AMBA association conducts an on-site assessment. The panel granted the accreditation to ECUST MBA and EMBA program, and recognized the positioning of ECUST MBA program as Global MBA and Tech MBA at ECUST. They also spoke highly of the introduction of Action Learning into its education system. In 2015, the ECUST MBA and EMBA program passed China's Advanced MBA accreditation (CAMEA, Five Years).


2017 The Twelfth Place of China's Best EMBA Rankings in the magazine of “Manager”

2015 The Seventh institution to Pass CAMEA (5 years)

2014 Ranking Twelfth in Forbes China's Most Valuable Full-time MBA 

2014 Ranking Fourteenth in Forbes China's Most Valuable In-service MBA 

2014 The Most Famous Brand among EMBA institutions

2012 Ranking Twelfth in Forbes China's Most Valuable Part-time MBA

2012 Ranking Tenth in the Most Leading EMBA in China

2012 Recommended EMBA in Eastern China in the Most Leadership EMBA in China

2011 One of the Ten Business Schools with High Brand Value among students

2011 New Comprehensive Ranking First in the Most Leadership EMBA in China

2011 the Most Leading EMBA in China in terms of faculty qualification

2011 EMBA Passing the AMBA International Accreditation

2010 One of the Ten Business Schools with High Brand Value among students

2010 The Most Competitive Business School in Shanghai

2010 China Top Ten Branded Business School

2010 New Comprehensive Ranking First in the Most Leadership EMBA in Chinese Market



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E-mail: emba@ECUST.edu.cn

Address: Room 305, 3rd Teaching Building, Meilong Road No.130, Shanghai



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