ECUST School of Business is committed to developing business and management professionals who are equipped with both expertise and ethics. Following a student-centered philosophy, the School pays great attention to helping students to lay a solid theoretical foundation as well as develop practical problem-solving skills.

11 undergraduate programs are currently offered, including Information Management and Information System, Engineering Management, Logistics Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Accounting, Financial Management, International Economics and Trade (taught in English), Finance and Economics.

With a strong international orientation, ECUST School of Business lays focus on both exchanging with business schools at overseas universities and cooperating with those at Chinese universities in an effort to create an internationalized and multi-cultural educational platform for students. Our International Economics and Trade program is taught in English. This provides an English-speaking environment for local students and also serves to attract more international students.

Moreover, undergraduate programs, which are module-based, have a strong focus on practice. Students have a wide range of choices in terms of course modules and lab practice.

International Cooperation

ECUST School of Business has   established partnership with over 60 renowned universities around the world   (including those in Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan), conducting exchange   programs, carrying out academic activities and co-hosting double-degree   programs. Each year, the School selects undergraduate students in their third   year and fourth year to study abroad through exchange programs. Besides,   there are various short-term exchange programs available for all students. Our   double-degree exchange program conducted in cooperation with the ICN Business   School in France and the short-term non-degree program co-offered by the   University of Auckland in New Zealand are both incorporated by the China   Scholarship Council as part of its “Excellent Undergraduate Programs” project.   That means students in these programs who perform outstandingly may be   financially supported by the Council in form of scholarships.



The Bachelor of Economics   (International Economics and Trade) would be taught in English, other ten undergraduate   programs would be taught in Chinese

Program duration

4 years


The   curriculum includes general education courses, basic discipline-specific courses,   professional courses and practice courses. Students will receive the   graduation certificate after gaining the full credit points as   required by the training scheme on the condition that they meet the National University   Student Physical Health Standard


Our   high-caliber and experienced teaching staff comprises 153 full-time academic   staff, including 34 professors, 71 associate professors, 48 assistant   professors and 23 doctoral supervisors.

Class Profile

Average age at entry


Average working experience

No requirement

Nationalities enrolled

Russia,   Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Guinea, Japan, Tajikistan,   Ecuador, Laos, Cameroon, Tonga, Republic of Congo, Gabon

Application & Degree



Start date



Bachelor of Management, or Bachelor of Economics

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+8621 64252935





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