[Notes Of French Study Tour] To Study, Think And Perceive In The Tour

Author:商学院办公室     Date:2017-10-09


The 14-day study tour perfectly combined "study" and "tour" together. Coming to this country, we experienced the cultural heritage under the profound history in personal. Everything we experienced in France would leave us a deep memory and become a part of ourselves.


Professor Stan of ICN took us to his hometown and let us experience the honest and passionate French life. Under the same roof, we become "temporary family members" of them. We dined and chatted with them, experienced the daily life of French people, understood their living habits and felt the French attitude to life.


To understand the French way of living, to know the French breakfast is the first step. We had milk, baguette, bread, cheese, fruit, coffee, and the specially prepared jasmine tea by Elizabeth. Singing birds and fragrant flowers outside the window and all kinds of exquisite meal cloth and tableware, made us think it is a luxury to enjoy. At breakfast time, one could hold a latest newspaper, chew slowly and interact with others. Elegance is a respect for this environment.

Dinner is the most abundant meal of the day. Each owner first invited us to drink aperitif. We sat around the garden in the yard, drinking while listening to the stories of them. Dinner is also our happy moment, eating, drinking and talking, from 19,20 to 22:00, and then went to sleep back to the room being slightly drunk. It was truly a pleasant time in life. We have been getting used to the fast-paced life. It seems difficult for us to adapt to the slow pace, but we envy it greatly.


Professor Stan led us to visit Strasbourg, a historic city with a strong sense of history. We learned about the automated production of French farms, the daily work of the municipal administration of the French town. Then we went to the Design Center of Adidas headquarters in France to visit the baking workshops and the warehouse of wine dealers, which laid a solid foundation for Klauze’s course "How to do business with European?" in Nancy later. First, Professor Klauz introduced us to the development history and current situation of Europe as a whole. He also analyzed the characteristics of economic innovation and representative enterprises in each country, explaining the profound things in a simple way. The entire course was interactive. Unfortunately, the tour was too short.


In this two-week tour, we started from Seine River in Paris, experienced the rural beauty of the French countryside, and finally went to the romantic and modern city Nancy, the place of happiness. We felt the French charm from many aspects such as the language, history and culture, wine cuisine, architecture arts, cultural customs and so on. We also felt the influence of the French atmosphere and benefited a lot.


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