2017 ECUST Business School Language Buddy Activity

Author:商学院办公室     Date:2017-10-09


As one of the interactive activities between Chinese and foreign students, Language Buddy, the program provides a platform to promote the integration and exchange of Chinese and foreign students. 2017 ECUST School of Business Language Buddy officially started on September 24th. Participants in this activity mainly includes foreign students as well as freshmen of EMBA, MBA, MPAcc, MF and MEM, etc.


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At the beginning, everyone was slightly shy. But soon, their communication became animated due to their common learning environment and their interests in different cultures of one another. Every student on the scene was involved in the process of acquainting each other,  exchanging contact details and ready to be friends at any time.


The most popular guy


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Language Buddy provided a platform for Chinese and foreign students to communicate with each other, and they would keep in touch with the "new friends" they’ve known, learn from each other, exchange activities and enrich the life in ECUST of one another.


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