TaiJi Culture Lecture

Author:商学院办公室     Date:2017-10-14

In order to provide you all to have a chance to know more about our Chinese Taiji Culture, here, on 17th Dec, a lecture about Taiji will be held.

Date: 17th Oct.

Time: 9:00am-11:00am

Venue: Room 201, 3rd Teaching Building(first part), Garden in front 3rd Teaching Building(Second Part)

Nots: there will be two parts of this lecture, the fist one is general introduction about Taiji and Taiji Culture. the second one is practice, the lecturers and his team will teach you the basic Taiji quan. 



Chu Yalong, 13th generation descendant of Chen Taijiquan, international Taijiquan champion. He is the vice president of the International Zungu Taijiquan Federation, the founder of Shanghai Zungu Taiji Club, the founder of Zungu dragon Taiji, served as senior consultant of Taijiquan in many foreign companies.  

Zhong Wei (English name: Alfred), graduated from UC-ECUST MBA program, worked as SAP Data manager in foreign company. Following Taijiquan master Chu Yalong for many years, achieve excellent results in the domestic and international Taijiquan competition.


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