Experimental Center

The Experimental Center was established by the School of Business in 1985. It now covers an area of over 700㎡ and is located in both the Xuhui and Fengxian campuses. The center has over 400 servers, computers and accessory devices as well as more than 20 types of teaching software and Chinese and English database, which total over ¥7 million. 

The center follows a student-centered philosophy to fulfill the mission of “connecting business with technology and developing students’ ability to translate what they have learned into practice”. Currently the center has a general lab for management science and engineering, an ERP Simulation lab, a lab for smart operation, a lab for business decision-making simulation, a behavioral analysis lab, an accounting simulation lab, a financial engineering lab, an economics lab, an urban and regional analysis lab, and a lab for the Center for Energy Economics and Environmental Management, each focusing on a specific area. 

The Experimental Center has attracted a large number of prominent academic staff who cherish a passion for experiment teaching. With an innovative spirit, they strive to bring advanced computer technology into the teaching process and are dedicated to developing high-caliber, innovative and entrepreneurial professionals in the field of economic management. It is our objective to further develop the center into an experiment platform that integrates experimental teaching and scientific research and is compatible to the latest online teaching and management models.


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