1. Department of Management Science and Engineering


The Department of Management Science and Engineering was established in 1983. It now offers mobile stations of postdoctoral scientific researchers in level-one disciples, level-I doctoral degree programs, level-I master's degree programs and three bachelor’s degree programs respectively in Information Management and Information System, Project Management, and Logistics Management. The bachelor’s program in Information Management and Information System is one of the key national programs authorized by the Ministry of Education. In the meantime, the courses in Information System are taught by a national-level leading teaching staff.

The department’s faculty is made up of 40 members including Chang Jiang scholars, leaders of projects supported by the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China and winners of other important national or provincial titles and awards. Among them, 8 are professors (including 6 doctoral supervisors) and 21 are associate professors. 

The department follows its mission of “connecting business with technology and developing students’ ability to translate what they have learned into practice”, creating a teaching model that integrates five modules: lectures, lab practice, creative thinking, practicum and international exchanges. 

The department mainly focuses on research in the following areas: information system and knowledge management, management system engineering, e-business, financial engineering, logistics and supply chain management, project management, operation management, etc. From 2012 to 2015, the number of projects financed by the National Natural Science Foundation, provincial and ministerial foundations as well as big companies which had been finished or were being undertaken by faculty in the department stood at 24, 45 and 18 respectively; a significant number of  academic papers were published in the world’s leading journals in management science including Management Science, Operations Research and Manufacturing & Service Operations Management; a large number of projects commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality and transnational multinational? companies were undertaken by the faculty, which had generated substantial economic and social profits. 

2. Department of Accounting


The Department of Accounting was established in 1997. It now hosts two bachelor’s degree programs respectively in accounting and financial management, academic master’s program in accounting, master’s program of professional accounting (MPAcc) and doctoral program in corporate finance. The faculty is made up of 21 members including 4 professors, 13 associate professors and 4 assistant professors. 

The department pays due attention to both international and domestic application of accounting theories, aiming to develop senior accountants and financial managers who are equipped with solid professional knowledge and ethics and can perform their job in line with international accounting practices. The department adopts internationally recognized accountant training models. The content of teaching is closely centered around the Chinese Certified Public Accountant (CPA) test. 

Faculty in the Department of Accounting are active in both the academic arena and business community. Over 30% hold the CPA certificate; many are independent board members and financial managers of various types of companies; quite a few have undertaken projects financed by national, provincial and ministerial foundations; and a large number of academic papers have been published in leading domestic journals.

The department currently maintains close partnership and exchanges with renowned foreign universities (e.g. Johns Hopkins University and the University of Utah), institutes and companies. 

3. Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration was established in 1990. It currently offers three bachelor’s degree programs respectively in business administration, marketing and human resources management, aiming at developing professionals who are up to the demands of the modern market economy and are equipped with a global vision and innovative spirit. The department also hosts academic master’s programs in business administration (including the program in corporate administration, etc. and all-English master’s program designed for international students), master’s program in business administration and EMBA program. The faculty is made up of 30 full-time academic staff including 8 professors, 17 associate professors, 5 lecturers, 6 doctoral supervisors and 16 postgraduate supervisors. 90% of them hold a doctorate from well-known Chinese or foreign universities. Besides, the faculty also includes part-time and honorary professors. These posts are taken by prestigious domestic and foreign scholars. 

The Department of Business Administration hosts courses in principles of management science, marketing management and strategic management, which are open to all the students in the School of Business. The initiative of “driving the innovation of MBA education by action learning” has won the first prize in Shanghai Teaching Achievement Award 2013.

The academic staff is composed of high-caliber researchers whose papers have been published in high-level domestic and foreign journals such as Academy of Management Journal, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Services Marketing, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Management and Organization Review, Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, European Journal of Marketing, Information Technology & Management, Journal of Marketing Management, etc. 

4. Department of Finance

The Department of Finance was established in 1999. The faculty is made up of 23 members, including 5 professors, 8 associate professors, 10 assistant professors, 5 doctoral supervisors and 13 postgraduate supervisors. Several of them have completed or are undertaking projects financed by various types of national, ministerial and provincial foundations. The department offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in finance, as well as professional master's degree program in finance. 

The department aims at developing financial professionals equipped with professional expertise and ethics, a fair sense of social responsibility, a global vision, an innovative spirit and the ability to communicate across cultures. Graduates will be able to solve actual financial problems through theories and quantitative analysis tools. 

The major research areas of the faculty include agent-based computational finance, financial engineering and risk management, financial market complexity, complex financial network, corporate finance and asset pricing, etc. In recent years, faculty members have undertaken 10 projects supported by national foundations and 15 by provincial foundations. 150 academic papers and 10 books have been published. These papers can be found in leading international academic journals such as PNAS, Quantitative Finance, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, European Journal of Finance, Economic Modelling, PLOS ONE, Abstract and Applied Analysis, Physical Review E, Scientific Reports and EPL, and highly celebrated Chinese journals such as Economic Research Journal, Journal of Management Sciences in China, Management World, Journal of Financial Research, China Industrial Economics, etc. 

5. Department of Economics

The Department of Economics was established in 2011, its predecessor being the Department of International Economics and Trade. It offers bachelor’s degree program in international Economics and Trade as well as master’s and doctoral degree programs in applied economics. The faculty is made up of 39 members, including 9 professors, 12 associate professors, 18 assistant professors and 2 foreign academic staff. 

The Department of Economics has teaching and research offices of macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, industrial economics, international economics and business law.

The department offers courses for undergraduate students in international economics and trade as well as for postgraduate students and doctoral candidates in economics. It also offers courses in economics to all undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral candidates in the School of Business. 

The department aims to develop economic analysts equipped with solid professional expertise.


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