Dean's Message

A Message from the Dean,School of Business
Professor Dr. YAN Haifeng
The Overseas Students in Business Majors 

China is now faced with a tremendous transformation both in its economy and society. Move forward and we will be able to make modernization come true and with it the increase of social welfare; Move backward or stand still and we will be unable to maintain the speed of our economic growth and consequently, social stability would only be a wishful thinking.

In such social and economic changes, ECUST School of Business as an educational and academic institution is charged with the important tasks to nurture social elites for the country. We undertake the responsibility not only to develop the students’ business competitiveness but also their awareness and sense of mission to promote social progress and to carry forward the Chinese culture and business spirit.

ECUST School of Business is the result of the development of industries and enterprises, and for this reason, it is also responsible for bringing about changes in the business ecosystem. With the spirit of academic freedom, ECUST School of Business adheres to the concept of "Knowledge acquisition through research into the nature of the world", encourages teachers and students to acquire knowledge from practice and to be bold enough in exploring the principles of law and the origin of things. We firmly believe that only by ‘extending knowledge to our utmost possible’ can we generate ideas useful for the country and the society.

Taking this as our mission and objective, we have, in the past 30 years, nurtured more than 10,000 graduates who are now playing their parts in serving the society. Today, we feel very proud of you, our alumni. We are proud that our alumni are exerting themselves in the country’s industrial rejuvenation with their professionalism;

we are proud that our alumni are honest, clean and just in office; we are proud that our alumni are diligent, love their families and are clear-headed in dealing with relationships. We are proud of the more 4000 doctoral and master’s degree postgraduates and undergraduates on campus; we are proud of their ideals, passion and creativity.

We also feel proud that we boast a faculty who are enthusiastic about education and earnest in their job. All the teachers follow the principle of respecting students and being honest and ethical as intellectuals in academic research. The School values every teacher’s ideas and academic effort, and shows its due understanding and tolerance to those who are ‘deviant’ in their academic research.

We will never be complacent and conservative as we know clearly that reform and openness are essential for the development of School of Business. In the mean time, we are also making efforts to maintain the tradition of Chinese education, face the world more actively and learn from different countries their more advanced concepts of education and methodology. We have defined it our strategy to be internationalized in the School’s development, which will be a key feature of ECUST School of Business.

ECUST School of Business exists as an "Integrated Life Community", in which every effort made and every achievement accomplished by all the teachers, students and alumni are pooled to form an inexhaustible resource and with which we expand the School’s influence and increase its social value.

We wish our School of Business everlasting youthful vigor!

Prof. Dr. YAN Haifeng
Dean, School of Business
East China University of Science & Technology


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