Master of Engineering Management

Master of Engineering Management (MEM) is a professional master's degree program established in 2010 by the Ministry of Education, aiming at meeting China’s urgent demand for project management professionals, improving and reforming related training models and enhancing the quality of graduates. 

The program, drawing on the strength of ECUST in science and engineering disciplines and paying full attention to the characteristics of the development of the industry in China, has acquired its distinctive advantages. The combination of management, economics, project management and industrial engineering gives it a cross-disciplinary and practical touch. The program stresses the systematicness overall planning, all-round optimization and sustainability of project management. 

The MEM program aims at helping student develop a thorough understanding of industrial engineering and project management as well as the knowledge in related areas such as systems engineering, overall quality management, production management, product design and process design management. It integrates the theories and methods of applied management, engineering technology and mathematical statistics, laying focus on the major management models of industrial engineering projects as well as their evolutions, major elements and interrelations. With China’s current conditions in the field of industrial engineering as a point of departure, the program aims to equip students with the expertise of industrial engineering and project management. 

Area of Study

Engineering project management

Industrial engineering

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Tele: 021-64251151




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Program duration     

                     Part-time   Program: 2.5 years


Engineering Economics, Management,   Operations Research, Introduction to Engineering Management, Systems   Engineering, General Introduction to Project Management, Engineering Project   Planning and Control, Engineering Risks and Quality Management, Engineering   Project Budget and Cost control, Project Procurement and Contract Management,   Engineering Project Software Application, Engineering Safety Management,   Project Investment and Financing, General Introduction to Industrial   Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Logistics Industry Optimization   Policy, Operations Management, Lean Production and Practice, Logistics and   Supply Chain Management, Commercial Engineering Model Design and Innovation

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Band 4

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Master’s Degree

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