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ECUST School of Business presently offers two level-one doctoral degree programs: Management Science and Engineering and Applied Economics. Our high-caliber and experienced academic staff comprises over 153 members, among which 34 are doctoral supervisors (including supervisors of candidates with educational background in other disciplines).

The program of Management Science and Technology focuses on technology management and information system, operation and supply chain management, management system analysis and policy-making, project management, financial project, corporate management, and theories and method of management optimization. The School has established an extensive cooperation network with overseas universities including IIASA in Austria, National University of Singapore, Purdue University, McGill University and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. Besides, partnership has been forged with several companies such as Sinopec and Shanghai Huayi Group to conduct applied research.

The program of Applied Economics covers several level-II disciplines including regional economics, finance, industrial economics and international trade. Major research areas in recent years include spatial economics and economic analysis of spatial measurement, urban and regional economic development, financial engineering, corporate finance and financial market development, economic and policy environment in the energy industry, international trade and trade relations, etc. 

    The duration of study for doctoral programs is 4-6 years. Candidates’ academic results are valid for a period of six years starting from the first year of study. Review and defense of doctoral theses as well as the conferring of degrees follow the regulations in the Interim National Regulations on Conferral of Degrees and ECUST Rules on Conferral of Degrees.


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Full-time Program: 4 years                      


Core   courses in the Program of Management Science and Engineering include System   Modeling and Analysis, Financial Engineering, Theories and Method of Supply   Chain Management, Management System Analysis, Research Methodology in   Management Science, and Computing Experiment. Electives include Reports of   Cutting-Edge Research, Econophysics, Advanced Theories of Operation Management,   Knowledge System Engineering, Management Decision-Making in Complex   Situations, Organizational Learning and Corporate Internationalization,   Organization Network Research, Human Resources Capital Research, Strategy   Management Research, Innovation Diffusion Theories and Simulation, and   Intelligent Optimization Method.

The   curriculum of the Program of Applied Economics includes public courses, core   courses and electives, among which the first two are compulsory. The amount   of courses into which the doctoral candidates enroll should be equivalent to   no less than 20 credit points, which are normally finished within the first   three study units. These 20 credit points include no less than 6 in public   courses as well as no less than 12 in compulsory courses and electives.   Public courses include Marxism and Contemporary Social Ethos, Oral English   for Doctoral Candidates, English Writing for Doctoral Candidates, and Differential   Equation; compulsory courses include Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced   Macroeconomics, Advanced Econometrics, Advanced Statistics, Advanced Theories   of Industrial Organization, Advanced Theories of International Economics,   Regional Economic Theories and Policy Research, and Game Theory and   Information Economics; electives include Field-Based Research in China’s   Economy, Field-Based Research in China’s Economy in Resources and   Environmental Economics, Field-Based Research in Public Economics, Advanced   Theories of Development Economics, Field-Based Research in Corporate Finance,   and Field-Based Research in Financial Engineering.

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Band 4

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March, April, May, June


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Doctor of Management and Doctor of Economics are conferred by East China   University of Science and Technology; Graduate Diploma conferred by East   China University of Science and Technology

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