ECUST Summer School

China enjoys fast speed of growth since 1978. The strong economic growth over the past three decades indicates that many companies have succeeded in China, and indeed international firms typically view an involvement in this country as critical to their worldwide business. Moving forward, policy-makers are keen for China to produce its own large multi-national enterprises, and government is re-asserting its role as the key orchestrator of these initiatives. Addressing the needs of special knowledge and skills, as well as the flexibility to adapt to a different and complex business environment in China is essential to international business talents who would like to explore in China.

In our program, you will learn the foundational knowledge of Chinese Business Environment specializing in Chinese business philosophy, common body of knowledge to understand the way of doing business in China from the Chinese Context Module we developed. 

Along with the learning session, you will also experience an eye-opening business and cultural exploration from business visiting and cultural activities. It will help you to get a “flavor” of the business environment in the Chinese market and a vivid understanding of Chinese entrepreneurship. Through deep interact with those company’s executives, you may learn about the differences in the way corporations function between China and their own places.

Key Takeaways

This program will provide participants with:

• Fast track adaptation to the unique Chinese business and cultural environment

• In-depth appreciation of the day-to-day challenges of running a business in China

• The ability to identify the potential pitfalls of cross-cultural misunderstandings

• Vital, up-to-date insights into marketing and macro-economic issues in China and the knowledge to refine their company’s China development strategies

• Techniques to be effective in negotiating with Chinese counterparts

• Opportunities to share experiences and build strong connections with other senior expatriates

Program Coverage:

Chinese History

Chinese Culture

Chinese Business Environment

How to negotiate with Chinese Businessmen

Chinese Business Law

Chinese Accounting and taxation System

Chinese Capital Markets

Chinese Consumer Behavior

Who Should Attend

The program is recommended for those who would like to have a deep insight into Chinese market. This program is by application only.


Regina HUANG

CAO Yiran

PENG Delei



ZHU Ling


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