As the ambassadors for the university, alumni are seen as the greatest treasures for the School of Business and their achievements give us credit. The School of Business Alumni Club, with its central task of serving the alumni, aims to build alumni networking platforms in various forms, carry forward the concept of life community advocated by the School and integrate resources. By September 2014, the total number of the School’s alumni registered 15,000.

The School of Business Alumni Association is a non-profit social organization voluntarily set up by alumni. Its principles include strengthening the ties between the alumni and university and between alumni themselves; calling on both Chinese and overseas alumni to carry forward the values of “Diligence, Factuality, Aspiration and Virtue” advocated by ECUST; helping alumni to develop both academically and professionally; promoting the development of ECUST and the prosperity of the School; and making contributions to China’s economic growth and social progress. 

In November 2014, the Association selected a new council (2014-2016). The council will spare no effort in prompting the development of the association, increasing the influence of the “life community”, strengthening the ties between the School and alumni, leveling up the resources integration, actively involving in public service and enhancing the value of the life community.


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