East China University Of Science And Technology School Of Business Held Opening Ceremony

Author:商学院办公室     Date:2017-09-10

On September 10, the opening ceremony for professional masters was held in the auditorium of our university, with more than 800 freshmen officially starting their trip to ECUST. Professor YAN Haifeng, Dean of School of Business, Associate Professor MA Ling, Party Secretary of School of Business, Professor HOU Limin, Director of Professional Degree Center and Academic Director of EMBA Program, Associate Professor CHEN Liang, MBA Program Director and Academic Director of School of Business, Professor RUAN Yongping, Academic Director of MPAcc Program, Associate Professor Yang Hongtao, Academic Director of MEM Program, Associate Professor XU Jie, Academic Director of MF Program, and directors of other programs, attended the opening ceremony.


ECUST School of Business Dean YAN Haifeng made a speech in the opening ceremony

Dean YAN Haifeng made a speech in the opening ceremony and extended a warm welcome and heartfelt congratulation on the arrival of more than 800 freshmen. Combining together the three core values of "student orientation, life community, assuming social responsibility," and the mission of " to bridge business with technology, and to nurture managerial talents with advanced knowledge and practical ability " and international development strategy, he talked about the establishment of life goals, the attitude to life and the pursuit of value in life. "I believe all of you here are people who have dreams. I hope you will stick to action in the next three years and make changes. I also hope that you can make full use of the three platforms we provide to everyone. Realize your dream with all resources and your own actions! Make changes with actions! Make more and better changes with actions! Do not forget that we are your mutual partners and we are a life Community. Let us be happy together and act together to make changes!”


ECUST School of Business Party Secretary Associate Professor MA Ling read out the list of freshman scholarship

Secretary MA Ling read out the list of freshmen scholarship. NIE Yuxuan and other 443 freshmen won their first award at the beginning of admission, "May you have a good starting point and redouble their efforts. Never forget why you started and you can accomplish your mission." MA Ling said to freshman.


Awarded freshman scholarship to winner representatives on site


Freshman representative Shen Jie made a speech

As a full-time freshman representative, Shen Jie expressed his fervent hope of the life in ECUST at the opening ceremony, with his own entrepreneurial experience and the experience of the new semester activities: “We join in ECUST today and we will be a ECUSTer forever. We should create the life of community full of the sense of pride, belonging and mission with teachers and classmates, as the master here.”


Freshman representative Qiu Tiewei made a speech

Qiu Tiewei, as a part-time freshman, emphasized the importance of lifelong learning. "Although we are married, the only thing that we should not give up is the concept of lifelong learning, and ECUST is a new station on our lifelong learning path. May all 2017 freshmen uphold this philosophy and could be the pride of the ECUST School of Business. "


School of Business MBA Program Director and Academic Director Associate Professor Chen Liang made a speech

Associate Professor Chen Liang, as a teacher representative, shared in depth with freshman in terms of learning attitude and the things to learn. He pointed out: "Whether living or studying, we must firmly grasp the attitude of" living in the moment". Without this attitude, dedication, memory and other aspects will be damaged unconsciously. Only living in the moment with body and soul in harmony, can you better integrate into ECUST. What’s more, you must insist on learning 'intelligence' and 'wisdom' alike in ECUST. In addition to learning the professional knowledge, you should reflect on yourselves and learn to cultivate innovative thinking and unique judgments ceaselessly.”


All freshmen took an oath

At the opening ceremony, all freshmen held a solemn oath ceremony in the auditorium. "We take the oath that we will be honest and trustworthy, abide by the rules and regulations, demand ourselves with diligence and truth, inspire others with inspirational morality, and return to the society with vitality and passion. We will create an aspirational future through unremitting efforts! Today I am proud of ECUST, and ECUST one day will be proud of me. " The solemn oath is the commitment of freshmen to their future.


Freshman sang the university song together

"We are here to let it fly, let the ideal of youth fly.

We sow here, planting the hope of tomorrow.

We carve in golden time with our life, and we use wisdom to open the doors and windows of the world.

Hard-working truth-seeking, teacher's guidance gives us endless power,

Inspirational Morality, the temple of knowledge casts our brilliant life ... ... "


Student representatives send Teacher’s Day gifts to teachers on the opening ceremony site


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