Growing Current Account Deficits: Is The RMB Swap A Solution?

Author:International Office     Date:2017-01-02

Lecturer:Kato Kimbugwe

Date: 10:00--11:30   28th, Dec. 2016

Venue: Room 211, 3rd Teaching Building

Language: English


About the Lecturer

Kato Kimbugwe graduated from the institute of management of university of wales, he is the senior economist of Department for International Development, has provided economic Development consulting to many developing country governments.

Book: 《Economic Development through Regional Trade: A Role for the New East African Community?》


About the Lecture

While growth rate is high in Africa, the current account deficits are rising due to the strong dollar and undergrowth of the manufacturing sector. Would RMB bilateral currency swaps (BCS) be a solution? This presentation tries to present the current economic situation in Africa, and use Rwanda as a case to see a potential solution to current account deficit problems.


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